Japan Intercultural Consulting is the leading training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. It was founded in 1994 by Rochelle Kopp and has been active in the UK since 2004, providing training and consulting to most of the top Japanese companies in the UK.

We help clients improve working relationships in multicultural environments. We provide cultural training seminars, management and interpersonal skills training seminars, teambuilding programs, human resource management consulting, and executive coaching services. By working with us, our clients are better able to achieve their business goals.

We are experts on cross-cultural communications and Japanese business practices. Our clients trust us to provide programs that are relevant and impactful. Japan Intercultural Consulting's team of experienced bilingual consultants located throughout North America, Japan, Europe, and Latin America is ready to meet your training needs.

We primarily work with Japanese companies and firms who have Japanese customers or partners. The following is a description of our approach to working with each of those groups. Please click on your region of interest.

Japan Intercultural Consulting Europe has been operating across Europe, Africa and the Middle East since 2004, conducting seminars in Belgium, Czech Republic, Dubai, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Our facilitators all speak fluent Japanese and have many years of practical business experience, working in or with Japanese companies.

Chicago (Headquarters) 3023 N. Clark Street #880
Chicago, IL 60657 USA
Japan HQ
Shiodome Shiba Rikyu Bldg. 21F,1-2-3 Kaigan
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022 JAPAN
New York 321 Route 59, #62, Tallman, NY 10992 USA
Europe, Africa & Middle East HQ
St Georges House
26 Princes Street, Norwich, NR3 1AE, UK
Mexico City Mexico City, MEXICO
Silicon Valley 514 Live Oak Lane
Emerald Hills, CA 94062 USA
Chicago (Headquarters) 07/07/1994
New York 06/01/1998
Tokyo 11/01/1999
Europe, Africa & Middle East
Mexico City 04/01/2006
Silicon Valley 07/16/2006
China 01/01/2011
North America 15
Europe, Africa, Middle East
Latin America   7
Asia Pacific

About Our Logo

Our company logo was designed to evoke the image of a Japanese family crest, known as a kamon.

Decorative symbols usually round, square, or lozenge-shaped, kamon were used in the feudal period to identify families, for example appearing on battle flags, and many families still use them to adorn their formal kimono. Their often-abstract style is a good example of Japanese design.

The shapes on the logo are intended to look like chrysanthemum petals. The chrysanthemum is a symbol of Japan, and also is the official city flower of Chicago, our company’s birthplace.

The three portions of the logo symbolize our company’s philosophy of bringing together the best of Japanese culture and the best of other cultures to create a “hybrid” way of doing things that combines the strengths of all.

Areas of business: Cross-cultural training, human resource management consulting, communication skills training, leadership skills training, pre-departure training for expatriates, training for employees involved in international business activities, training for non-Japanese employees, training for skills development, coaching, teambuilding, sexual harassment prevention training.
Mission: Japan Intercultural Consulting is an international training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. We help clients increase profitability and employee engagement through improved communication and working relationships in multicultural environments. By working with us, our clients are better able to achieve their business goals.